Suction Dough Divider – SD300

Weight range, two versions: 40 – 1000 gr or 150 – 2300 gr.

Variable speed with frequency converter.

Capacity 1500-3000 as two pocket and 750 – 1500 as one pocket.

The two measuring pistons are easily connected to one piston.

Dough knife in stainless steel.

Unique emptying function (hopper reaches down to the dough knife).

Gentle dough handling.

The Glimek SD300 is an high quality automatic suction-fed dough bread divider that can be used either as 1-pocket or as a 2-pocket. It is adapted to heavy-duty production with a capacity of 750-3000 pieces/hour, 750-1500 pcs/h 1-pocket and 1500-3000 pcs/h as 2-pocket dough divider. Fits in most kinds of commercial bakeries, from medium size bakeries to larger idustrial bakeries and has high dough weight accuracy and long durabillity. Variable speed with frequenzy converter and PLC Touch screen. It has strong construction and covers in stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. SD300 has a safety edge with auto-stop function on the hopper, which means high safety. The SD300 is easy to learn and operate, is very flexible regarding type of dough and has a very effective and accurate gentle dough handling.