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Dallas food machinery in Egypt


Who Is Eng/Hassan Allam

since 1996,Dallas offers a unique set of equipment.For small and large businesses and kitchens. As Our machinery are known for their high reputation and trust. so Our clients from all over the world and Egypt. As We represent the best in the field of food machinery
.Therefore, many clients accepted us .
Our company is a private property of Eng Hassan Allam.
.Dallas is the agent for companies in Italy, Germany.
So Such international companies,, sveba, Mimac, Z.matik, bertos
.so we are the agent for varimixer Bear, Houno, Krampouz, Glimek
As Work and experience are our tools. So Trust and knowledge are our goal.
so We provide our clients with more design,
consulting and support to build a successful enterprise.
Through our staff and through our experience known to the world and in Egypt.

who we are

so,We provide our customers with maintenance in all stages and part.
Therefore, this is a factor in our success and completion of our projects.
so ,We continue this success.,
That is why.we serve the large number of bakeries, restaurants and hotels.In addition to large and small resorts, super and hyper markets in Egypt. Dallas exports to Arab countries and Africa
so Dallas supplies bakery equipment, ovens and industrial pastries.
As Dallas food machinery plays an important role in bakery supplies
and food machinery in the Egyptian market.
so,Dallas food machinery is the best importing ovens in Egypt




Dallas food machinery

Dallas Food machinery

 is  the best importing food machinery in Egypt.
 AS Dallas  imports machinery
 food is from international companies they  , sveba ,Mimac ,Z.matik ,bertos , varimixer Bear , Houno ,Krampouz, Glimek ,so Dallas  cares  about the quality of machines and good services. As Dallas  provides many services, such as machine quality, speed of delivery and customer care, in order to provide the customer with the tools to build his project . As We  develop manufacture and sell user-friendly ovens and baking equipment of high quality.

for food machinery

Sveba develop, manufacture and sell user-friendly ovens for and baking equipment of high qualit That is why, sveba is the best for bakery machines

dallas food machinery


MIMAC ITALIA S.R.L. is a company specialized in the production of dropping machines for the confectionary industry. therefore,mimac is the best in this field

dallas food machinery

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Research, innovation, design and character. Berto’s produces professional cookers that respond to the numerous needs of professional chefs so,berto`s is the best for pastry