Rotating Rack Oven – C-Series

Heating package integrated into the top section.
Requires a smaller floor space.

Equipped with the Increased Baking Surface (IBS).
Allows for quick, even and economical baking.

SD-Touch panel.
Simple, logical, programmable and effective control of the oven.

Efficient insulation.
Retains the heat inside the oven.

Strong, stainless interior och exterior.
Robust material which extend the oven’s lifetime. Easy to clean.

Large, efficient heating package – flexible production.
Quick heating and efficient use of heat.

Integrated high capacity steam system.
Gives a smooth, crisp brust and for some breads a significant increased volume.

Efficient heat exchange in oil and gas ovens.
High efficiency, low heating cost.

Spring loaded door hinge.
Ensures door remain opened when loading and unloading racks.

Automatic rotating stop.
When door handle is released (not opening the door) the rack will rotate to unloading position.

Right-hand hinged insulated door with double glazed window and door stop.
Easy to open ang gives a good view of the oven interior.

Suspension hook is standard. Max weight 150 kg on C100, 200 kg C200.
Makes cleaning easier.

Frequency controlled fans which direct the airflow (option).
Adjustable airflow of heat and steam when baking sensitive products such as meringues and macaroons. 

Separable and replaceable drainage box. Makes it possible to change the drainage from the front to the back of the oven.

Max baking temperature 300°C.


The C-Series consists of quiet, energy-efficient and compact ovens with high flexibility, which are designed to fit into small spaces. The C-Series’ compact ovens have room for one rack and are available in four sizes, which can all be powered by electricity, oil or gas. The oven’s smart control panel and well-conceived design make it very user-friendly in most types of bakeries. The C-Series has automatic rotation stop, which facilitates unloading, as the rack is always correctly positioned in relation to the door when the oven is open. The spring-loaded door hinges keep the door open during loading and unloading.

The rack oven bakes even all over the rack – get the perfect baking result together with the Sveba Dahlen C-Series rack oven!