Same good baking result as in a large rack oven – IBS – alternately rotation.
IBS – alternately rotation of the racks for better heat transfer to the
products being baked.

SD-Touch panel.
All benefits included, as recipes gathered in alphabetical order.

Strong insulation.
Ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber.

Stainless steel front, sides and interior.
Robust materials which extend the oven’s life. Easy to clean.

Large front window with heat-reflecting double glass and good lighting.
Gives a good overview of the baking process.

Built-in, high-capacity steam system.
Fast function and energy-saving.

Compact underbuilt prover, as well as heat and humidity sensor.
Space-saving and more rational handling.

Compact underbuilt prover.
Saves space and makes dough handling easier.

Effective working high temperature resistant halogen lighting.
Provides whiter and more intensive working light than standard bulbs.

Right hand hinged door with double glazed window.
Easy to open and overview.

Canopy as standard.

Gas fired version is available (S402).
High quality Riello burner.


The S-Series is a small industrial oven with efficiency and functions which makes it perfect as an in-store oven. Perfect for both bakeries and Supermarkets. All S-Series ovens can be equipped with a prover or storage cabinet. S400 is also available with gas heating.