Rotating Industrial Rack Oven – I-Series



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Rack Oven:The I-Series are powerful and high capacity rotating rack ovens, adapted for industrial bakeries and commercial production. The oven is equipped with high quality heat and steam systems which allows baking of all types of products; all from sensitive products like meringues and muffins to more robust sour dough-loafs. I-Series rack ovens comes in two versions and is reliable, effective and easy to use. It is very user-friendly and easy to use with the SD-Touch Panel, which saves your recipes and makes the baking easier. The exterior keeps a low temperature and its surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. This also means a good and safer working environment. Get the best baking results with the high capacity industrial rack oven, I-Series!sveba

Rotating Industrial Rack Oven – I-Serie Increased Baking Surface System (IBS).
Allows for quick, even and economical baking.

SD-Touch panel.
Simple, logical, programmable and effective control of the oven.

The Cascad steam system.
Combined with our standard steam system quickly provides powerful, extra clean steam.

Heat and steam is quickly spread evenly throughout the oven space and the system has a short recovery time.

Variable speed for fans.
The fan speed is driven by a frequency converter to maintain the desired flow of air. Helpful when baking sensitive products such as meringues, macaroons and muffins.

Well-insulated floor.
Prevents heat loss and protects the bakery floor.

Slow start.
Gentle and gradual accelerating rotation and retardation of the rack for baking products sensitive to bumps and blows, or that risk moving from vibrations. 

Automatic rotation stop.
The rack rotates to the unloading spot at the end of the bake, when the door handle is lifted.