Suction Dough Divider – SD600

Measures the dough instead of weighing – dough weight will be consisent even if the dough starts to ferment in the hopper.

Weight range, two versions: 150-1000 gr as 3-pocket and 250-1700/100-700 gr as 2/4-pocket.

Capacity 1500-4500 pcs/h as 3-pocket, 2000-6000 pcs/h as 4-pocket and 1000-3000 pcs/h as 2-pocket (the measuring pistons are easily connected two and two).

The Glimek SD600 is a stainless multi pocket suction bread dough divider in 3-pocket or 2/4-pocket execution with reliable dividing system for ver high weight accuracy. It has stepless adjustable dough pressure, which can be adjustable while running for very gentle handling of different types of dough. It has robust chassis, perfect for high industrial bakery production. Handles weight range between 150-1700 grams and has a capacity between 1000 and 6000 pieces per hour. The SD600 is a quality bread dough divider with high flexibility and high capacity, perfect for industrial and commercial bakeries, available with 100 liter or 225 liter adjusted during operation.