COMBINATION OVEN – FLEXISMART 2.0 with rotating rack

All-in-one oven!
Bakes it all! Stone baked bread, confectionery, ciabattas and more.

Very flexible baking station! Improves flexibility in the bakery.
Especially for smaller bakeries, gas stations and shops.

Unique, adapted design for the special attitude of the bakery.
Choose between six different combinations.

Adapted width on the oven, only 990 mm.
The smaller footprint and width fits almost in every bakery.

Optimized steam generator on the deck oven.
More even bake result and more energy efficient.

Well insulated deck oven.
Result in better work environment and optimized energy efficient.

Proofer with space for 10 trays (400×600 mm) or 10 trays GN 1/1
530×325 mm (option). Covers the daily requirements – based on needs.

Proofer equipped with EHDS – Effective Humidity Distribution System.
Just program humidity and temperature – have the best proving result.


Flexismart 2.0 is the perfect alternative for bakeries demanding less footprint. Even though the footprint is small, the baking volume is big and the baking result fantastic due to the combination of a rotating rack oven and a deck oven. Choose between six different types of models – with or without proofer and deck oven.